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High Efficiency Water Ring Vacuum Pump  


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High Efficiency Water Ring Vacuum Pump

In the water ring vacuum pump chamber, it is divided into low-pressure chamber area and high-pressure chamber area. If the position of the filling port is in low-pressure area, the external fluid supply can be realized by the self-priming mode of the pump itself, and the requirement of the filling pressure is low. If the high-pressure cavity is filled with fluid, then the pressure of the cavity must be greater than the pressure in the pump chamber, otherwise the working fluid can not be replenished in time, which will cause gas to flow back from the compression chamber to the suction chamber, affecting the performance of the water ring vacuum pump.

After many verifications, it is found that the self-priming method of the pump can reduce the performance of the pump, because the pump has begun to work for a period of time (starting from the completion of the compressed gas in the working fluid), which means that there is a certain loss of energy, when the pump replenishes the fluid in the suction chamber or from the end of the impeller. Additionally, the fluid replacement will cause impact loss to the liquid ring, reduce the effective work of the working fluid to the gas, and consume a part of the energy.